TWA Not Resuming Cairo-Rome Flights

Associated Press

Trans World Airlines, citing poor bookings, announced Monday that it will not resume flights on the Cairo-to-Athens-to-Rome route, struck by a terrorist bombing two weeks ago.

TWA spokeswoman Sally McElwreath said cancellation of the flights was “an economic decision” that had nothing to do with preventing attacks.

The flights, normally using a Boeing 727, had not operated since the April 2 bombing, which killed four Americans. TWA had expected to resume the flights April 27, when the airline usually brings in a larger plane to handle summer traffic, McElwreath said.

“However, because of very poor bookings in those segments, we have canceled the flights,” she said.


McElwreath said she assumes that fear of terrorism was a factor in the low bookings, but she added that a weaker dollar and low domestic fares probably also prompted vacationers to remain in the United States.