U.S. Retaliatory Raid on Libya

How many countries were in agreement with our retaliatory military action against Libya? Was it really necessary to hold maneuvers in the Bay of Sidra? Is there any sorrow in knowing that we have killed far more Libyans than they have Americans?

What countries in Central and South America favor our aid to the contras in Nicaragua? How much political pressure is being put on individual congressmen to vote in agreement with our President? Who named the contras, “Freedom Fighters?” What will the $100 million accomplish? Isn’t it probable that a great deal more money will be requested in the future? What is the advice of the Contadora countries, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Panama? By aiding the contras, doesn’t this rule out a peaceful solution?

Do we really need to resume testing nuclear bombs at this time? Since Russia had stopped testing nuclear weapons hasn’t our recent test started this race again? Are we becoming a more militaristic nation? Do we value the advice of any other nation in the world today?

God help us if we don’t think through the long-term results of our actions.



Newport Beach