Passes Offer Big Savings

If you’re planning a trip to and through Great Britain, you may explore some possibilities.

The BritRail Pass is available for 7, 14 and 21 days and one month, with economy-class rates set at $115, $175, $220 and $260 respectively. You get unlimited rail travel through England, Scotland and Wales.

If you’re going to be in England for a brief span, there is the London Travel Pak that includes a four-day BritRail pass, three-day London Explorer Pass (unlimited travel on London’s red double-decker buses and the underground/subway), round-trip transfer from Heathrow or Gatwick airports to London and discount vouchers for some attractions. The price is $115, economy.

Both these passes have to be bought in the United States, with the rates good until March 31, 1987.

The London Explorer Pass can also be bought separately for three, four or seven days at $12, $15 or $20. The pass, which can be bought in the U.S. or London, also includes discounts at various London museums and shops. Prices are valid until Oct. 31.

A one-day Travelcard, for unlimited underground/bus travel, is available in London for about $2.90.

The BritExpress Card offers a discount of up to one third off the regular fares for any number of trips you take during 30 consecutive days on all National Express motor-coach services in England and Wales and selected services in Scotland. You can buy this pass for $10 from some travel agents in the United States, or in Great Britain.

If Scotland is on your itinerary, consider getting the Travelpass. This pass, good for five or 10 days, can be bought in the United States or Great Britain. It provides unlimited travel by train, bus and ferry in the Scottish Highlands and islands. Prices, good until Oct. 31, are $62 for five days and $103 for 10 days.

If you’re going to Wales, look into the Pass Cambria, which offers unlimited travel in mid-Wales on all public transport, including the region’s “Great Little Trains of Wales” (narrow-gauge railways). You buy this pass in Great Britain; eight days, about $42, and a 15-day pass for $53.

Edinburgh also has a Tourist Card that offers unlimited travel on city bus services, plus discounts on some places of interest and restaurants. The card can be bought for two to 13 days, with rates ranging from about $12.50 for two days to around $30 for 13 days.

Contact travel agents; the British Tourist Authority, 612 S. Flower St., Los Angeles 90017, phone (213) 623-8196, and BritRail, 800 S. Hope St., Los Angeles 90017, phone (213) 626-0088.