U.S. Raid on Libya and ‘Spiral of Violence’

We have heard it stated that there is “overwhelming support” among the American people for Reagan’s action in Libya. Perhaps those of us who are both dismayed and disgusted are simply less vocal.

We are dismayed. We’re dismayed because of the growing “Rambo” syndrome in this Administration; dismayed because of the increasing use of frontier diplomacy; and mostly dismayed because we doubt that this action will have any effect other than to increase terrorism (thereby forcing us, if Reagan is to keep his word, to more and more violent retaliation) and to splinter the Western alliance.

We are disgusted because we dislike thinking of the United States as a nation that murders children (even though we know we have been backing others who do, to our shame).

It seems it was easy for us to bomb Libya, just as easy as it was to invade Grenada. But . . . it is generally known that Iran, and to an even greater extent Syria, both harbor as many or more terrorists than Libya. Do we bomb them next?




Huntington Beach