European, U.S. Reaction to Raid on Libya

In regard to the bombing of Libya, what have we accomplished? Well, we had the satisfaction of hitting back at terrorism--that feels good! And the country is caught up in a feeling of euphoria. But what have we really done?

We've united the Arab world against the United States. We've incited the terrorists to greater hatred and stronger aggression against the United States and our allies.

We've made American tourists hostages of terrorism, and caused worldwide fear of travel. We've gone against the united judgment of our European allies, putting them in greater jeopardy of attacks.

We've put our longtime hostages in Lebanon in a more dangerous position instead of bringing them closer to freedom.

We've managed to get a lot of people killed without making the world safer.

We had the right to do it--but was it the better part of wisdom? Fighting terrorism with terrorism--there must be a better way!



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