Mark McGurty, composer-in-residence at the Orange County Pacific Symphony, will be on hand Monday night when the orchestra presents the premiere performance of his "Epiphanies" at South Coast Repertory Theatre.

The 17-minute chamber work was commissioned from the 30-year-old composer for this final concert of the orchestra's "Connoisseur Concerts" series at the Costa Mesa facility.

"Epiphanies" consists of "live music, pre-recorded music and electronically enhanced live music," said conductor Keith Clark. The "Beam," a 34-foot electro-acoustic instrument used in the film scores of "Star Trek" and "Star Wars," will be featured, according to Clark.

The 8 p.m. program also will feature "Suite" from "The Little Prince" by Orange County composer Lloyd Rogers. Both composers will answer questions about their works in a special meet-the-composer session following the concert.

Sticking to the tried and true, the program also will include the "Spring" movement from Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons," and Bach's Second Brandenburg Concerto.

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