'Un-Raveling at USC' Tied Up Loose Ends

George Raveling can play the news media to his own advantage like Heifitz could play the violin. Sportswriters are like his public relations puppets. Moody George has been getting by on his personality for 20 years. He certainly has not been getting by on his coaching ability.

Does Mike McGee think Raveling will be the Great Savior who will lead USC to the Final Four? The Pacific Ocean will dry up first. So far, Raveling's tenure at USC has been a perfect application of Murphy's Law.

During his three years at Iowa, four players transferred out. Now at least three more transfer out of USC. Are we supposed to believe that all seven young men are "head cases?" I am more inclined to believe the real head case in this scenario is George Raveling.

As a USC alum, what outrages me most is the report that Mike McGee tried to force Mike Canada to give up his scholarship. If McGee actually did that, he should be fired.


Rancho Palos Verdes

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