Small Polluters

On a recent Sunday evening, I decided to go for a walk around my neighborhood. Living in a semi-rural unincorporated part of eastern Los Angeles County, I had always thought of the area as relatively clean. What I saw changed my mind.

In my mile-long walk, I saw literally hundreds of various cans and bottles. Papers, food wrappers, Styrofoam cups, and a myriad of other trash was all there in the undergrowth. Then I came upon the sight that prompted this letter.

Someone had pulled up to the curb and removed their oil plug, draining the oil into the gutter. Not only this, but this considerate person left behind five empty oil cans and a used oil filter.

Lately toxic waste has become a big issue. Multimillion-dollar lawsuits and fines are at stake. Self-appointed watchdogs eagerly search out these offenders. Yet we need to examine ourselves. The peole who casually toss trash from their cars, and that person who dumped oil are just as guilty as a larger offender.


No, I am not a conservationist. Some of my political beliefs would make Ronald Reagan look like a left winger. I simply believe that some issues transcend party ideology. Let’s start with the basics.


Diamond Bar