Santa Ana : Girl Rider Cuts Head When School Bus Brakes

A 3-year-old girl riding on a school bus for the handicapped was cut on the head Thursday when the bus braked abruptly to avoid hitting a pedestrian, authorities said.

Other children on the bus were not harmed, California Highway Patrol spokesman Michael Lundquist said.

Maria Guadalupe Gallardo of Santa Ana was taken to Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, where she received stitches and was later released.

Lundquist said the accident occurred at 8:35 a.m., at the intersection of McFadden Avenue and Fairview Street. The bus was stopped for a red light. When the signal changed, the bus started to make a left turn but the driver braked abruptly as a pedestrian began crossing Fairview.

The child was wearing a seat belt but the "way it was constructed allowed her enough room to slide out of it," Lundquist said.

He added that the bus apparently belonged to a private school for the handicapped, but added that he did not know the name of the school.

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