Don Johnson, co-star of NBC's neon-lit "Miami Vice" series, is scheduled to return to work in Miami today after ending his five-day holdout for more money. He agreed on a new contract with Universal Television, which produces "Vice," on Friday.

Johnson had sniffed at the studio's reported $38,500-per-episode offer for several days, while Universal City Studios filed a $20-million breach-of-contract suit in Superior Court on Friday shortly before the star and studio came to an agreement.

"We made an amicable settlement, and he's going back to work," Johnson's agent Mike Belson said, although he would not disclose terms of the new pact.

Johnson, who plays the trendily unshaven detective Sonny Crockett on the hit series, reportedly had been paid between $30,000 and $35,000 per episode prior to signing his new contract on Friday.

The settlement of the contract dispute came amid reports that former "St. Elsewhere" star Mark Harmon or theater and film star Treat Williams might replace Johnson.

A Universal spokesman said that the lawsuit is now of "no consequence."

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