Smoking Out a Plastic Placebo Cigarette

Mimi Smyth of Del Mar is hot for a plastic placebo cigarette such as a Kickit she bought some years ago. She believes smoking is at least 50% oral and wants to kick the habit that way. Can you cough up a source, or will Smyth have to hold her breath while her hopes go up in smoke?

Mary Bristow of Westminster, who uses a wheelchair, has been trying to replace her long-handled dustpan, but no store seems to carry these dustpans any longer. Can you help before the dust settles over this matter, or will this be one situation that will never pan out?

Bonni Weinstein of Sherman Oaks, who has a sweet tooth, can almost taste some Charleston Chews, a nougat-and-chocolate treat manufactured Back East that was at one time available out here in certain stores; now she can't find any of it. Can you help Weinstein sink her teeth into a few of these delicacies, or will this be too hard a nut for her to crack?

L.B.W. of Montebello is trying to find a dishwasher that pulls out like a drawer; she doesn't like the conventional machines, in which you must first lower the door before you can pull out the racks. Can you help ladle out a few steaming sources, or will our reader continue to be in hot water while this request is a washout?

Sally Guerrero, who was looking for a lavender toilet seat, can heave a sigh of relief; we have a number of sources. Victoria B. Campbell of the Bath and Closet Shop, 1345 4th St., Santa Monica, says they carry a full range of lavender-mauve toilet seats and accessories in many colors and suggests that Guerrero bring over a sample of the shade she wants to match. K. A. Wood of Harbor City says to go to Penney's Discount Catalogue Center in Canoga Park. Another reader suggests Snyder-Diamond stores (locations throughout the Los Angeles area). And if all else fails, we have a reader who has a lavender toilet seat she no longer wants. A stamped, self-addressed envelope will get to the seat of the matter.

For Gregory R. Jackson, who was looking for banana ice cream without nuts, we have finger-licking good news. Grace P. Balcom of Hollywood says Karmin's Ice Cream Shop, on 3rd Street just west of Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, has the flavor he's looking for. And Nancy Cooper and Sanford Kahn, who own Hobson's Fine Blended Ice Creams, 7555 1/2 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, write that they will make Jackson "the best and freshest banana ice cream he has ever eaten."

On the opposite side of the taste scale, Chuck Edwards of Long Beach, who was searching for sour pickles, didn't have a sour face very long. He tells us that he got the royal treatment--and all the sour pickles he wanted--from Steve Meyers, Santa Ana plant manager for Alfred M. Lewis Wholesale Warehouses (formerly Cash & Carry Stores, with more than two dozen outlets in the Southland).

For Adell Benkert of South Pasadena, who was looking for an old-fashioned wooden swing in which people face each other and push against a moving platform, we have a nearby ray of hope. A San Gabriel Valley reader suggests that Fishbeck's Patio Center in Pasadena might be able to swing something her way.

We've heard from another Fuller Brush dealer: Doreen Krieger, (213) 836-6397 or (213) 839-8390, says she will be happy to serve customers in West Los Angeles.

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