When Lone Star guitar slinger Stevie Ray Vaughan burst upon the national scene three years ago with a two-fisted combination of traditional electric blues and a whole lotta Hendrix damage, the impact on local fretgrinders, true blues fans and homesick Texans alike was such that you could've heard a pick drop.

Performing before a full house Sunday at the Greek, the ostentatious Austin Texan transformed the open-air theater into something resembling a down home bar-b-q 'n' beer bust. Ya-hoo!

Backed by his three-piece band Double Trouble, whose bassist Tommy Shannon provided exceptionally sympathetic support, the Stratocaster master stormed through an hour-plus set of selections from his first three albums with all the joy of ol' Ben Franklin fooling around in the rain with a kite and key. Frzap! (Boom).

Along with a bruising version of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition," the show's highlights included the appearance of original Hendrix sideman Mitch Mitchell, who manned the drum stool for a spirited encore of Jimi's intergalactic rock-blues "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" that was no mere case of idle worship. Rave on, Stevie. Sing your song, bro.

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