Greater Peril Feared for 3 Hostages

From a Times Staff Writer

The release of Father Lawrence M. Jenco by Muslim terrorists could signal a new danger to the three remaining American hostages held in Lebanon, the son of hostage David P. Jacobsen said Monday.

"It really adds to the urgency of this," Eric Jacobsen, 30, said at a press conference in Huntington Beach. "We have my father saying (on videotape) that this is the very last gesture of good will the captors will make."

When Jenco was released by his captors Saturday, he carried with him a videotaped message from David Jacobsen, 55, director of the hospital at the American University of Beirut, who assailed the Reagan Administration for not doing more to help the hostages.

"You look at my father in that videotape, and he believes that his captors are going to kill him--no doubt about it," Eric Jacobsen said.

When he first saw his father's haggard face on television news Saturday night, he said, he did not recognize him.

" . . . I could sense his fatigue and his disappointment and his anger. It brought out the exact same feelings in me."

At the press conference, Eric Jacobsen wore a POW-type bracelet emblazoned with his father's name and date of kidnaping and the biblical citation "Hebrews 13:3." The verse reads: "Remember them that are in bounds as bound with them. . . ."

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