Boy George Admits Heroin Possession, Is Fined $370

Associated Press

Boy George, the flamboyant British singer known for wearing makeup and women's clothes, pleaded guilty today to possessing heroin and was fined the equivalent of $370 by a London magistrate.

The millionaire rock star reportedly had been undergoing treatment for heroin addiction when police raided his home in north London's arty Hampstead district July 12.

The singer, looking pale, spoke only three times and in monosyllables during the hearing at Marylebone Magistrate's Court. He was dressed in an all-black outfit of jeans, T-shirt, sweater and jacket.

"He has manfully faced up to this drug problem and has helped the police in their inquiries," defense lawyer Geoffrey Sturgess said.

Boy George, his hair dyed blond and styled in spikes, was charged under his real name, George O'Dowd.

Magistrate Geoffrey Noel, who gave the 25-year-old lead singer of Culture Club seven days to pay the fine, said he took into account that Boy George was undergoing treatment to try to kick the heroin habit when he was arrested.

Before the 20-minute hearing, hundreds of young fans greeted the star outside the court. Teen-age girls chanted, "We love you, George," and one handed a bunch of flowers to the star.

"My message to kids is, 'Give up drugs,' " said Boy George.

During the hearing, his housekeeper, Bonnie Little, testified she noticed a change in the star in March.

"He was using drugs, but he said he could control it," Little said.

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