Ex-Marine Corps Gen. Hanneken Dies

A retired Marine Corps general, who won the Medal of Honor for capturing bandits in Haiti after World War I, died Saturday.

Brig. Gen. Herman Hanneken was 93 when he died after a brief illness at the Veterans Administration Hospital in La Jolla.

Hanneken served in the Marines from 1914 to 1948 and earned several medals, foremost among them the Medal of Honor when, in 1919 as a second lieutenant, he led a daring raid on a bandit camp in Haiti. He won the Navy Cross five months later when he killed Osiris Joseph, a bandit chieftain.

He was later transfered to Nicaragua and won his second Navy Cross in 1928 for the capture of Gen. Manuel Maria Jiron, the chief of staff for guerrilla leader Augusto Sandino.

During World War II, Hanneken commanded the Marines at Guadalcanal and also took part in the campaigns at Cape Gloucester and Peleliu. His decorations for those battles included the Legion of Merit and the Bronze and Silver Stars. He retired in 1948.