Ailing Karpov Gets Next Chess Match Put Off Until Friday

Associated Press

Challenger Anatoly Karpov, who is trailing titleholder Gary Kasparov by one point in the world chess championship, Wednesday was granted a postponement. A match official said Karpov cited respiratory problems.

The two Soviet grandmasters played 12 games in London and had been scheduled to begin the second half of the tournament in Leningrad on Wednesday.

The opening ceremonies and the 13th game were postponed until Friday, said Bob Wade, a British international master and match arbiter.

Wade said Karpov has a certificate from a match doctor citing “respiratory problems.” There was no indication if Karpov’s ailment was serious.


Kasparov leads in the match, 6 1/2 points to 5 1/2.

In London, Kasparov won two games and Karpov one. Nine games ended in a draw. The winner is the first player to score six wins or 12 1/2 points. In case of a 12-12 tie, Kasparov retains his title.

One point is awarded for a win and each player gets half a point for a draw.