Peres Congratulated by Reagan, Shultz for Peace Progress

United Press International

Prime Minister Shimon Peres received a letter Thursday from President Reagan saying he was sure the Israeli-Egyptian summit would help “pave the way for a broader peace” in the Middle East.

Before leaving Thursday morning for Alexandria, Egypt, for talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Peres also received a letter from Secretary of State George P. Shultz who added “my congratulations to those of Mr. Reagan.”

In the letter, apparently written Wednesday, Reagan praised Peres’ “statesmanlike vision” in resolving the Taba border dispute.


Reagan added that he was “inspired by the prospect” of the Peres-Mubarak summit, the first open talks between an Israeli prime minister and an Egyptian leader since 1981.

“This historic renewal of dialogue at the most senior level between Egypt and Israel should stand out as an example for others in the region,” Reagan said.

“We are confident that the summit meeting will pave the way for a broader peace in the area,” said Reagan, who concluded by saying he looked forward to seeing Peres next week during the Israeli prime minister’s visit to Washington.