Huntington Beach : Slow-Growth Group Backs 5 Candidates

A citizens' group in Huntington Beach advocating slow-growth has endorsed a slate of four City Council candidates and a candidate for city attorney in the upcoming civic elections.

In a prepared statement, Huntington Beach Tomorrow announced its support for Grace Winchell, Tom Livengood, Rick Rowe and Norma Vander Molen in their races for City Council. The group also backed Theodore A. Johnson in his campaign for city attorney.

"We were concerned that the average voter would be overwhelmed and confused at the November elections because there are 21 candidates on the ballot for election to the City Council," said Donald Shipley, a former mayor and a member of the group's steering committee.

"By supporting a slate of candidates that support slow growth, we plan to present a clear choice to the voters," Shipley said.

Winchell, Livengood and Rowe currently sit on the Huntington Beach Planning Commission. Vander Molen is former president of the Huntington Beach City School District.

Johnson is an Orange County deputy district attorney.

"This slate of candidates actively supports Huntington Beach Tomorrow's goal of slowing down the excessive growth that is taking place in the city," said Tom Harman, co-chairman of the group.

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