The Region

A McDonald's restaurant in Barstow, long popular with desert travelers heading to and from Las Vegas, was destroyed by fire after a customer's car careened into the side of the wooden building and burst into flames. Barstow police said there were no injuries. "The only thing left standing with regards to the restaurant is the walls," Sgt. Lee Gibson said. "The fire followed up the side of the building to the rooftop." The two-story restaurant was considered the largest-volume McDonald's in the nation. The blaze disrupted traffic on both Interstate 15 and Interstate 40 for much of the morning. "We had to shut down the whole east end of town," Gibson said. There was no immediate estimate of damage. McDonald's spokeswoman Terri Capatosto said no decision had been made on rebuilding, but added, "I'm sure we won't leave Barstow without a McDonald's."

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