Man Charged With Grabbing, Groping at 'Minnie Mouse'

From Associated Press

A Minnie Mouse character on the dance floor of a Disneyland disco was grabbed by a man who was later booked for investigation of sexual battery, police said today.

Anaheim police said they arrested Lee Jack Eric Jacques, 21, of Redondo Beach following the incident Wednesday evening at Videopolis, a disco inside the amusement park.

Jacques, who had come to the park with several friends, went to Videopolis and approached the Minnie Mouse character, who was being played by a female park employee, police Lt. Bill Wright said.

Jacques was seized by a security guard after he allegedly grabbed and groped at the character. The actress was not harmed.

Jacques was being held today at Anaheim City Jail in lieu of $10,000 bail. There were no other arrests in the case, Wright said.

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