The Wealthiest Californians

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Here is a list of Californians excerpted from Forbes magazine's 1986 list of the 400 richest Americans, in alphabetical order, showing residence, age, estimated fortune in millions of dollars and source of wealth. Figures marked x indicate the magazine assumed that a common fortune has been divided into equal shares.

Avery, Alice O'Neill, West Los Angeles, 69, $375-x, Inheritance (real estate)

Bechtel, Stephen Davison Jr., San Francisco, 61, $400, Engineering, construction

Bechtel, Stephen Davison Sr., Oakland, 86, $400, Engineering, construction

Bettingen, Burton Green, Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, 70s, $235-x, Inheritance

Bren, Donald Leroy, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, New York City, 54, $600, Real estate

Cargill, Margaret, La Jolla, 66, $315-x, Inheritance

Clark, Richard Wagstaff, Malibu, and New York City, 56, $180, Rock 'n' roll, TV

Cooke, Phoebe Hearst, Woodside, 59, $200-x, Inheritance, media

Copley, Helen Kinney, La Jolla, 63, $450, Publishing

Disney, Roy Edward, Los Angeles, 56, $400, Walt Disney Co., broadcasting

Field, Frederick Woodruff, Los Angeles, 33, $260, Inheritance, real estate, media

Fisher, Donald George, San Francisco, 58, $335, The Gap

Gallo, Ernest, Modesto, 77, $350-x, Wine

Gallo, Julio, Modesto, 76, $350-x, Wine

Getty, Gordon Peter, San Francisco, 52, $1,200, Inheritance (oil)

Gordy, Berry, Los Angeles, 56, $180, Motown Record

Green, Dorothy, Beverly Hills, 70s, $235-x, Inheritance

Griffin, Mervyn Edward, Beverly Hills, 61, $235, Televison

Hahn, Ernest Walter, Rancho Santa Fe, 67, $300, Shopping centers

Hammer, Armand, Los Angeles, New York City, Moscow, 88, $180, Entrepreneur

Hearst, George Randolph Jr., Los Angeles, 59, $200, Inheritance, media

Hearst, Hope Chandler, Beverly Hills, 65, $400, Inheritance, media

Hearst, Randolph Apperson, Hillsboro and Paso Robles, 70, $400, Inheritance, media

Hewlett, William Redington, Portola Valley, 73, $1,000, Hewlett-Packard

Howard, Robert Staples, Rancho Santa Fe, 61, $250, Publishing

Jobs, Steven Paul, Woodside, 31, $185, Computers

Kalmanovitz, Paul, Tiburon, 80, $250, Beer, real estate

Keck, Howard Brighton, Los Angeles, 73, $275, Inheritance

Keck, William Myron II, Los Angeles, 44, $190, Inheritance

Kerkorian, Kirk, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, 69, $600, Investments

Kroc, Joan Beverly, La Jolla, 58, $640, Inheritance

Lawrence, M. Larry, San Diego, 60, $180, Real estate

Lear, Norman Milton, Los Angeles, 64, $225, Television

Lurie, Robert Alfred, San Francisco, 57, $300, Inheritance, real estate

Milken, Michael R., Encino, 40, $500, Financier

Murdock, David Howard, Bel-Air, 63, $650, Investments

O'Neill, Richard Jerome, San Juan Capistrano, 63, $375-x, Inheritance, real estate

Packard, David, Los Altos Hills, 74, 2,000, Hewlett-Packard

Palevsky, Max, Beverly Hills, 62, $200, Computers

Perenchio, Andrew Jerold, Los Angeles, 55, $225, Television

Petersen, Robert Einar, Beverly Hills, 60, $235, Publishing

Rains, Liliore Green, Beverly Hills, 70s, $235-x, Inheritance

Roberts, George R., San Francisco, 43, $180, Leveraged buyouts

Shorenstein, Walter Herbert, San Francisco, 71, $325, Real estate

Simon, Norton Winfred, Los Angeles area, 79, $200, Industrialist, art collector

Singleton, Henry Earl, Los Angeles, 69, $550, Teledyne

Spanos, Alex Gus, Stockton, 63, $200, Real estate

Spelling, Aaron, Holmby Hills, 63, $235, Television

Stuart, Dwight Lyman, Beverly Hills, 62, $200-x, Inheritance (Carnation)

Taper, Sydney Mark, Los Angeles, 84, $300, First Charter Financial

Wasserman, Lewis Robert, Beverly Hills and Palm Springs, 73, $225, MCA.

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