"BROTHERHOOD." New Order. Qwest. The casualness with which New Order asserts its position in recent rock history, as both the descendant of Joy Division and in its own right, is a joy to behold. Side 1 of "Brotherhood" as good an example of getting the maximum from the minimum as can be found in rock. With a simple guitars-bass-drums (and sometimes keyboards) lineup, the quartet makes atmospheric grooves with more finesse than any contemporary computer-rocker. Side 2 brings in more sonic variety with increased reliance on electronics. Most impressive is the stunningly beautiful keyboard "strings" that lift "All Day Long." Thematically, it's still love that tears them apart, but it also brings them together, even if it's under such sly titles as "Bizarre Love Triangle." New Order's Southland swing includes shows Tuesday at the Palace and Wednesday at the Palladium.

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