Greater Los Angeles Soccer League Opens Its 84th Season Today

The Greater Los Angeles Soccer League, founded in 1903 and considered one of the oldest soccer leagues in the nation, opens its 1986-87 season today with a four-game program at Daniels Field in San Pedro.

Twelve teams will participate in the semipro division as the GLASL begins its 84th consecutive season. They are the Hollywood Stars, San Pedro Yugoslavs, San Pedro Croat, Inter-America, C.D. FAS, San Gabriel, Lempira, Carson, Cajititlan, and newcomers Atletico Latino, Juventus and Los Angeles United.

The regular season will see the 12 teams divided into two groups of six teams each, with each team playing the other 11 teams twice. At the end of the 22-game regular season, the top eight teams, regardless of group, will advance to the championship playoffs.

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