New Faces Add Luster to Council

Have four members of the City Council forgotten that the people of Cerritos did not yield sovereignty to them when they were elected to serve our community?

Have these four council members followed the suggestions and recommendations of their staff and consultants so long that they are not capable of thinking for themselves?

I recall numerous times when a consultant had been hired to conduct a study (what kind of street lights, what type of cable TV system, what size swimming pool, what size theater, what type of hotel) before a decision on projects proposed by staff could be made.

These four council persons also paid thousands of dollars to a consultant to mastermind and muster support for their campaign to defeat Proposition H to limit council terms. Does this mean that they lacked the talent to orchestrate and conduct their own campaign? If they did not have the skills with which to represent their own point of view, how dare they claim that they alone have the talent to represent us or our city's best interest.

Obviously these four council members are functioning with the same lackluster, lame-duck attitude they claim to want to be protecting us from now that Proposition H has passed. Their ability to think and act on their own or our behalf has evidently gone stale.

A change at least every eight years is evidently important. We need the enthusiasm and vitality demonstrated by our newest council person, Ann Joynt.

I would like to remind four of our council members of one thing: After serving out their terms, they will have the same right to attend council meetings as I do. The question is, will they--once they are not paid for doing so?



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