Six Nuclear Plants Urged for New England

Associated Press

New Hampshire Gov. John H. Sununu on Saturday called for the construction of up to six nuclear power plants to supply New England with energy.

The region will face an energy shortage in the next four years and needs more plants to maintain long-term economic vitality, Sununu told a conference attended by about 60 Republican leaders from across New England.

Massachusetts Democratic Gov. Michael S. Dukakis is a strong opponent of the Seabrook nuclear plant in New Hampshire and has tried to delay the start of the plant by refusing to approve an evacuation plan for Massachusetts border communities near the facility.

"We need the equivalent of at least three, maybe four or five or six Seabrooks" to provide enough electricity for the future, Sununu said.

He repeated his belief that Seabrook will come on line eventually, although acknowledging that Dukakis' refusal to submit an evacuation plan "may delay it a bit."

"It is improper for Massachusetts to be adopting a policy that prohibits the region from access to electrical power," Sununu added.

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