Amy Carter Arrested in Campus Protest of CIA Recruiting

Associated Press

Amy Carter, daughter of former President Jimmy Carter, and 1960s activist Abbie Hoffman were among 60 people arraigned today on charges stemming from a sit-in to protest CIA campus recruiting.

About 75 students in the courtroom burst into applause as Carter, 19, a junior at Brown University, and four other students pleaded innocent to charges of being disorderly. They were accused of trying to block police from placing other protesters removed from the University of Massachusetts building at Amherst into buses.

Carter, who was one of 32 people released on their personal recognizance following their arrests Monday night, said she hadn’t talked with her parents because they were out of the country but said she thought her father would be proud of her.

“He encourages me to speak up for what I believe is right,” she said. “I think he probably wouldn’t mind.”