'The Case of Baby M'

This was a very well-written editorial. However, I believe that the baby should not go to the surrogate mother, Mary Beth Whitehead. The Sterns made a contract with Mrs. Whitehead to bear their child. Mrs. Whitehead knew that the baby was to go to the Sterns. But after the birth, Mrs. Whitehead did not want to give up the baby to the couple who could not and do not have children. She wanted to keep the baby in addition to her other children. The surrogate mother should have thought of what having the child would mean to her before agreeing to the Sterns' contract.

Mrs. Whitehead should stop to think about the good of the child and that this is probably the only chance for the Sterns to have a baby. Besides, Mrs. Whitehead already has children, and she could have another baby for herself. This case should be settled quickly for the sake of the child. Mrs. Whitehead should live up to her contract and give up Sara Whitehead to be Melissa Stern.


Los Angeles

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