6 Anti-Nuclear Activists Arrested, Say Test Is Scheduled for Thursday

Associated Press

Six anti-nuclear weapons activists were arrested after they hiked to the desolate Nevada Test Site in hopes of halting a test they say is scheduled for Thursday.

The six, members of the Rocky Mountain Peace Test, based in Boulder, Colo., were taken to Beatty, where they face charges of trespassing on government property.

Two of the protesters were arrested Sunday about noon, two others late Sunday night and the last two before dawn Monday. The six entered the 1,350-square-mile desert site Jan. 29 in hopes of halting a test that was conducted Feb. 3. Failing that, the six began hiking toward an area where Peace Test officials say a weapons test is planned for Thursday.

Energy Department spokesman Jim Boyer would not say whether a test is scheduled for Thursday. Tests are not announced in advance by the Energy Department unless they are major shots that pose the possibility of ground motion in Las Vegas, 65 miles southeast of the test site.

Peace Test spokesman Michael Terry identified the six arrested as John Green, 25; Hank Brusselback, 43; Jose Morales, 23; Brendan Ruiz, 26; and Joy LaSalle, 22, all of Boulder, and David Weddingdress, 32, of Berkeley.

The arrests were the latest in a series of anti-nuclear incidents at the test site.

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