McFarlane Note Reported Found by His Family

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Robert C. McFarlane, a key figure in the Reagan Administration's Iran arms deals, left a handwritten note before trying to take his life with an overdose of Valium, published reports said today.

Family members found a note that appeared related to McFarlane's attempt Monday, but they would not divulge its contents to the ambulance crew that took him to Bethesda Naval Medical Center, the Washington Post reported. The newspaper quoted an unidentified law enforcement official as saying, "Nobody outside the family has been allowed to see the note."

The New York Times quoted hospital sources as saying that, when McFarlane and his wife, Jonda, arrived at the hospital, she had a handwritten note that she refused to show to attendants, saying it was garbled and would be of no use.

Police detective Lauren Acquaviva declined to confirm or deny the reports, saying he could not say firsthand whether a note existed.

McFarlane, 49, remained hospitalized today at Bethesda in good condition after swallowing 25 to 30 Valium pills, hospital and police officials said.

White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater said today that Reagan has not attempted to contact his former national security adviser but that First Lady Nancy Reagan planned to telephone Jonda McFarlane later today and that the President also intended to call her.

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