Bellflower : Retail Decline Is a Concern

City Council members, concerned over a decline in retail stores and an increase in offices along Bellflower Boulevard, have asked the Planning Commission to consider the formation of a citizen's advisory group that would take another look at development in Bellflower's aging downtown strip. The commission is expected to make a recommendation at the next council meeting.

"We will be talking with the Chamber of Commerce to see if it makes sense to form an advisory committee or if there is another alternative," said Lee Whitenberg, planning director.

In 1980, the City Council enacted an ordinance restricting the types of businesses, parking, landscaping and other aspects of downtown development to "protect the retailing nature of the strip," said David Lepo, assistant planner. But the downtown has been steadily deteriorating since the mid-1950s when Lakewood Center Mall and Los Cerritos Center opened. A committee was formed in 1980 but has since disbanded.

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