The House : Veto Override

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By a 401-26 vote, the House overrode President Reagan’s veto of a bill authorizing $20 billion through 1994 for federal clean-water programs, including $18 billion to help communities build sewage-treatment facilities. The Senate followed suit and the measure (HR 1) became law.

Arlan Stangeland (R-Minn.) who voted to override the veto, said, “I believe President Reagan has listened to the wrong advice on clean water.”

Robert H. Michel (R-Ill.), who voted to sustain the veto, said he agrees with Reagan that the bill provides “excessive spending at a time of high deficits.”


Members voting yes wanted the bill to become law.

How They Voted Yea Nay No vote Rep. Bates (D) x Rep. Hunter (R) x Rep. Lowery (R) x Rep. Packard (R) x