Unraveling of Iran-Contra-White House Tangle

So the President asked the reporters if they could remember what they were doing on Aug. 8, 1985. What a charming parlor game. What a friendly, innocent smile. Couldn't you just tweak his cheek--but I digress.

If I were a manager of a company (i.e., President of the United States) and I attended a management meeting where an important matter was being discussed, I would either (a) remember it, (b) make a note of it, or (c) dictate the results of the meetings afterwards to my secretary.

Now, if the President does in fact remember it, then he is a liar. If he made a note of the meeting, then he's a liar. If after the meeting he had already forgotten and could not dictate to his secretary, then he is senile or irresponsible.

In any case, he is either a liar, senile or grossly irresponsible. This is no way to run a business. Let alone a country.

I suggest that his friends once more try to convince the President to take his job seriously or resign. If neither of those suggestions work, then I strongly suggest that impeachment proceedings begin immediately.



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