Nurse Caring for Warhol When He Died Barred From Hospital

Associated Press

A private nurse assigned to Andy Warhol has been barred from caring for patients at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, the hospital said.

"New York Hospital's review of the medical record raised questions concerning the overall performance of Mr. Warhol's private duty nurse," spokeswoman Myrna Manner said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the New York State Health Department said it was investigating whether something could have been done to save the life of the pop artist.

Warhol died of a heart attack at New York Hospital on Feb. 22, one day after undergoing a gallbladder operation. The results of an autopsy by Chief Medical Examiner Elliot Gross have not yet been released.

Manner said the unidentified nurse had been barred from the hospital a day after Warhol's death but it was not revealed until Wednesday.

Diana Goldin, another hospital spokeswoman, said the hospital "did not intend to have the nurse work here again."

The nurse had been assigned to Warhol by a service that provides private nurses. Goldin said she did not know the name of the service.

She said the nurse could still work for other hospitals served by her agency.

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