In reply to a letter by Kris Kristofferson regarding his defense of the charge that he was an apologist for the Soviet Union (Saturday Letters, Feb. 28), I am one among many, I am sure, who more than life itself desire peace with the Soviets and a total obliteration of the menace of nuclear warfare in all of its forms.

But, he speaks of our injustices in Nicaragua and seems to lend a deaf ear to any injustices perpetrated by the Soviets. They are murdering people in Afghanistan, have expansionist policies in Africa, Cuba, to name a few, and countless border disputes with surrounding countries.

If the Soviets truly want peace, why are they not content to stay home? If Kristofferson truly cares for America, I think he should try to work on keeping the peace at home and supporting or trying to make things better here, instead of criticizing his country, appearing to take sides with our adversaries and participating in films like "Amerika."



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