'Bias' Criticized

Harry Bernstein's labor column on Feb. 25, "Ruling May Devastate Chavez's Union," again reveals why it's hard to look upon The Times as a "news" paper as opposed to a blatant liberal tract.

His 34-column-inch piece deplores the recent decision of an Imperial County Superior Court judge in a 1979 labor case and the judge's interpretation of the 1975 farm labor law.

Referring to this law, which was passed long before the current governor was in office, Bernstein writes that "under Gov. George Deukmejian, the farm labor law seems to be helping growers more than workers."

Nowhere else in his column is there any other mention of the governor, no hint as to how he fits into this case, no sniff of a connection between him and this hated Superior Court judge.

It's simply another gratuitous and cheap shot at a politician of a conservative bent, the very breed of animal The Times' staff hates with such ferocity and rarely passes up an opportunity to zap.

Relevance, accuracy and fairness play no role in a newspaper so imbued with raw hate.


La Canada

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