Reagan's Speech on Iran-Contra Issue

It is fitting that Ronald Reagan gave his speech on Ash Wednesday, for then he could ask for forgiveness from the American people. But did he? Of course not. He's too stiff-necked for that. Despite what he says, don't believe him. He isn't going to change his ways. He will continue his lax, casual ways of governing.

We still know very little of what went on in the Iranian-contra affair. We still don't know how many arms were sent to Iran, how many more bizarre acts Lt. Col. Oliver North engaged in, what happened to the contra millions. If Reagan were a President who governed as he should, he would demand that North and Vice Adm. John Poindexter reveal everything. But he won't, because that isn't his style.

Ronald Reagan is 76 years old. He isn't going to change his ways of governing. No, he will go on ruling in his passive, negligent, lazy way, and all we have to look forward to are two more years of slipshod government.


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