AND WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Lee Ving, the...

AND WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Lee Ving, the lead singer of Fear who has made a name for himself playing ornery heavies in Hollywood films, makes his sitcom debut Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC-TV's "Who's the Boss." Ving co-stars as Jake (The Snake) Maguire, a high-school bad guy who is asked out on a date by Angela Bower (Judith Light). . . . A tribute to Vanna White? The big novelty hit in Houston is a goofy single by KKBQ-FM deejay Dr. Dave Kolin called "Vanna, Pick Me a Letter." Sung to the tune of the Box Tops' "The Letter," the single features a jacket photo of Kolin and a gang of hairy bikers, who go by the moniker of Vanna's Angels. . . . Speaking of singles: the new Bruce Springsteen disc ("Fire") has a previously unreleased B-side. It's a live version of "Incident on 57th Street," recorded on New Year's Eve, 1980, at Nassau Coliseum. . . . Move over, Dwight Gooden. The latest sports star to get rap fever is none other than Akeem (the Dream) Olajuwon, the Houston Rockets All-Star center, who makes his rap debut as part of a new single, "The Unbeatable Dream," distributed by L.A.'s Macola Records. Portions of the proceeds from the record go to the Lupus Foundation, but the real beneficiary of the new disc seems to be Etonic shoes, which have a production credit and get plugged numerous times during the song. . . . The Fat Boys were in the studio last week, doing a product plug of their own. The rap group's new song is titled "Protect Yourself," where the Boys sing the praises of condoms. In fact, the song lyrics--in what must be a first--rhyme condom with mom . As one band member explained: "We want to let those kids having sex know that the Fat Boys say safe sex is the best sex. Condoms are cool!"

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