Impropriety Story Seen as Non-Issue

As a teacher in the ABC Unified School District for 14 years, I am not accustomed to leaping to the defense of the district's administrators. (In fact, they are more accustomed to my leaping on them.) But the nonsense, non-issue raised in last Sunday's issue screams for commentary. ("ABC School Officials Deny Impropriety in Pre-Election Mailing," Southeast/Long Beach sections, March 8.)

It is ridiculous to focus attention on a group of district officials because they list their employment address and phone number as primary contact in communication with school board members and hopefuls. The attitude implicit in the article is that some grievous wrong has been done.

Administrators do not punch time clocks; like teachers, they work professional hours, staying as late as it takes to get the job done. To imply, or to permit self-serving others to imply, that district employees are ripping off the district by allowing calls from school board members or would-be candidates on their office phones, is lousy reporting.


Huntington Beach

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