Iran Speaker Agrees to Help Archbishop Find Terry Waite

United Press International

Iran's Parliament Speaker has promised to help the Archbishop of Canterbury find his missing envoy, Terry Waite, the Iranian news agency said today.

IRNA said Speaker Hashemi Rafsanjani was responding to a letter from Archbishop Robert A.K. Runcie of the Church of England, asking Iran to launch efforts in tracing the whereabouts of Waite.

Waite disappeared in Beirut on Jan. 20 as he sought to negotiate the freedom of American hostages held by Muslim extremists.

An estimated 24 foreign hostages, including eight Americans, are believed held in Lebanon.

In his letter to Rafsanjani, Runcie said he would try to locate four Iranians kidnaped by the Christian Falangist militia in Lebanon in July, 1982, according to the news agency monitored in Nicosia.

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