Oral Roberts to Climb Tower, Pray for Money

United Press International

Evangelist Oral Roberts will climb into his prayer tower Sunday to fast and pray for the rest of the month for donations to meet a deadline to raise $8 million for medical scholarships, a spokeswoman said.

Earlier this year, Roberts said that he had been told by God, “I’ll call you home,” if the money was not raised by the end of March.

A worker at the Oral Roberts University television studio Friday said that taping has already been done of the evangelist climbing into the tower and will be shown on his television show Sunday.


The evangelist will remain in a sparsely furnished prayer room about halfway up a 200-foot-tall spire on the Oral Roberts University campus.

The fast will continue until Roberts raises the money, spokeswoman Jan Dargatz said.

“When Oral does this, it’s almost like a marathon, but he has trained for it. He prays every day,” she said.

Roberts has said he needs another $1.3 million to reach the goal.