Perle's Departure From Pentagon

Pike's article takes note of what may be an interesting turning point: Richard Perle's resignation seems to mark the end of an era in Soviet-American relations.

Perle's public service reflected the public consensus of the 1970s and early 1980s. As Pike points out, the European allies no longer follow his hard line against the Soviet Union, and Chairman Sam Nunn (D-Ga.) of the Senate Armed Services Committee announced that he could no longer support Perle's position concerning the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty.

All of this may reflect a major change in the will of the people. Does this mean that most Americans now see war between the superpowers as the most dangerous threat to us all? Does it mean that Americans now see skillful negotiation as a far better risk than continued preparations for a war that might mean extinction of the human race? Is this really the turning point, or is it merely an illusion?


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