Ropak Sells Containers to Dairy Queen Suppliers

Ropak Corp., the Fullerton maker of plastic containers, said it has begun shipments of its Quality-Pak containers to the last of the dairies that supply ice cream to International Dairy Queen Inc. in the United States. All of the dairies supplying "Queen's Choice" ice cream to American Dairy Queen Corp. now use only the Ropak-made containers.

According to a company spokesman, Ropak has been providing the 1 1/2- and 3-gallon containers to the dairies, among them Foremost and Dairyland, which supply Dairy Queen of Canada with the ice cream. He said Dairy Queen, which has been using Ropak's containers in the United States for the past year, will primarily use the smaller container at its 1,500 Dairy Queen stores because the product retains its freshness longer in them. He added that the turnover rate in this country is much faster so the smaller size reduces Dairy Queen's costs.

He said neither a precise value nor the approximate yearly revenues generated by the shipments could be determined at this point because the arrangement is ongoing and "ever increasing."

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