New Rule Requires Social Security Numbers for Dependent Children

Beginning this year, all children ages 5 and older who are claimed as dependents on tax returns will be required to have their own Social Security numbers, the Social Security Administration has announced.

The SSA is working with local school districts to help elementary and junior high school students who need Social Security numbers get them, according to the Los Angeles County Office of Education.

Within the next few weeks, schools will send students home with a preliminary form--a request for an application--that parents can fill out and mail directly to the SSA. The form also provides information about the Tax Reform Act, which created the new regulation.

Completed applications should be sent with both proof of the child's birth, such as a copy of the birth or baptismal certificate, and identification, such as an original school record or report card.

If a U.S. birth certificate is not used as proof of the child's birth, the parent must also submit proof of the child's citizenship.

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