Displaying Art on Side of Bus : Absorbing South Laguna

Apparently the jurisdictional future of the small village community of South Laguna is dangerously close to being absorbed by a much larger and untried municipal body; namely, the City of Laguna Niguel.

The South Laguna specific plan, which now shields this picturesque community from the general influence of its surrounding unincorporated member, could be lost in this new power shuffle if Laguna Niguel has its way.

We all recognize there are problems in annexing South Laguna, but I would rather have the problems solved by Laguna Beach than someone else. Treasure Island, Blue Lagoon and the village itself are like separate islands with separate identities directing their ways with maverick loyalty.

However, if it comes down to the fact that these splintered entities, now suffering from a jurisdictional identity crisis, have to be absorbed by another municipality, then let it be us.

Despite the differences between our communities, we will always be umbilically connected by our adjoining coast line, and this fact of nature will never go away.

Therefore, if necessary, I suggest we must join forces to plan our collective futures, or be prepared to allow someone else with less sensitivity and concern for our coastal connection do it for us.

Laguna Beach and its council chambers open its heart, mind and doors to this issue once again before closing them forever.


Laguna Beach

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