Paramount : Land Traded for Pool Use

The Paramount Unified School District board has concluded a land exchange with the City of Paramount that will give the school district use of Paramount Park Pool through 1992, as well as three relocatable classrooms at Gaines School for 15 years.

The pool will be used for a swimming and water polo program that was begun this year at Paramount High School and is presently headquartered at a rented pool in Bellflower.

Paramount Park Pool is undergoing repairs following a "calamity with the plumbing," according to Dr. A. J. Burke, assistant superintendent for business services. However, it is expected to be functioning by the start of the fall semester, he said.

The exchange involves a "fraction of an acre" donated to the city from the grounds of Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School that the city needed to straighten out a curve in a redevelopment project, Burke said. He called the exchange a "win-win" situation.

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