Controlling City Growth

I found Shapiro's article to be hypocritical. While Shapiro criticizes and downgrades the concept of public environmental review of large building projects, it was precisely this kind of review that stopped the building of a massive shopping center at Ventura Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon.

In that case, the public outcry forced the developer to scale down his plans and build a project that is more compatible with our Studio City neighborhood. Had it not been for our ability to be heard and our councilman's responsiveness, our neighborhood would have been permanently damaged.

Why then does Shapiro oppose extending the practice of public hearings and review citywide? While he calls himself president of the Studio City Residents' Assn., Shapiro is also an attorney who represents real estate clients.

When it comes to his position on public hearings and environmental review, Shapiro doesn't speak for Studio City residents.


Studio City

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