Reagan Writes to Girl He Misunderstood : Yes, Heather, It Is Worth It Being President

Associated Press

Three weeks after she first posed the question to President Reagan, a sixth-grader received an acknowledgement from him that he had misunderstood her. He also provided an answer to her question about the rewards of being the country's chief executive.

Eleven-year-old Heather Watson gained national attention March 26 when Reagan misunderstood the question she posed during his visit to Fairview Elementary School. Reagan surprised the class by talking at length about the Iran arms deal, kidnapers and hostages.

"It was very nice for him to take the time and trouble to do this," Heather said of the President's letter. "I can't say that getting this makes everything wonderful. I'm just glad he answered my question."

Reagan and White House officials insisted after the visit that Heather had asked about the Iran affair. The visit to Columbia was his first official trip since the arms affair broke in November.

In a two-page letter to Heather, Reagan acknowledged he had misunderstood her question.

"I thought you asked me whether the Iran initiative was worthwhile," he wrote, "but apparently your question was much broader: Whether being President is worth it. Well, the answer to both questions is yes."

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