Ban on Hunting Mountain Lions Ends

I am saddened by as well as disgusted with the decision to allow the hunting of mountain lions. Even if the mountain lion is not an endangered species, the killing of lions is not the answer to the problems that human self-centeredness has created.

This earth does not belong solely to humans. It belongs to every creature on it. Management of those creatures now that human numbers have exceeded the carrying capacity of this earth is necessary, but killing as a management tool is not only a short-term solution, but also one based on gut reaction and therefore an ignorant one.

Many people are mad at the mountain lion for having attacked children. Well, the lions are merely managing their habitat the only way they know how--by killing intruders and by hunting for food. We can do better.

We have the intellect to allow us to manage in a more humane manner. Do we really need to kill a mountain lion for "intruding" into habitat that we've invaded? Or do we recognize that this world can have room for all creatures as long as we do not try to make all of it ours?

We must realize that we cannot live or travel just anywhere we want in complete safety unless we sterilize this planet of all but domestic species. And even then we would not be safe from ourselves. Perhaps the Department of Fish and Game should also issue permits for hunting humans, and let the first be used on the humans who rape and mutilate children.

The mountain lion tracks I saw this spring at the ski resort where I work do not deter me from skiing or backpacking into the mountains, but many crimes I read about do keep me from visiting cities.


Twain Harte

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