Decision Delayed on Canadiens’ Suit

Associated Press

A decision on whether to bring charges against three members of the Montreal Canadiens was delayed Wednesday because the Crown wants to further study the case, which involves allegations of sexual misconduct.

Serge Authier, the prosecutor handling the case, said he submitted his report to Jean Morin, the assistant chief Crown prosecutor Monday. Authier did not know when Morin would make a decision.

“I have given my opinion to my boss, who said that he would prefer to discuss it further with me so that there would be only one decision by the Department of Justice,” Authier said.

An investigation began after parents of two teen-aged girls complained to police that their daughters had not returned from Dorval airport where they had gone April 6 to greet the Canadiens on their return from New York.


Canadiens General Manager Serge Savard has threatened to sue the Quebec City radio station which broke the story for broadcasting the names of the players being investigated before any charges had been made.

Authier said the delay in the decision was unrelated to the NHL.