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Guess what? "Beverly Hills Cop II" was the past weekend's No. 1 grosser, raiding 2,326 theaters for a $17.1-million take. After only 11 days, Paramount's "Cop II" has busted loose for $64.8 million. "Ernest Goes to Camp," from Disney, netted a surprising $3.6 million at 1,541 sites, while Universal's "Secret of My Success" continued to do well, taking in $2.5 million; so far, "Secret" has grossed $51.6 million--a bona-fide hit. Columbia's "Ishtar," meanwhile, abducted $1.6 million over the weekend, and New Century/Vista's "The Gate" added $1.5 million. Island's teen-anomie film "River's Edge" went to wider release this past weekend, showing at 93 screens instead of four, but continued to interest moviegoers, grossing $530,000.

Figures courtesy of Exhibitor Relations Co.

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